Oncology Market in Thailand Specialist Oncology Market

Alliance Pharma was founded in 2006, expanded from Bioscience Company which was succeeded as a chemotherapeutic drugs distributor of Dabur Pharma Limited (India) and ranked in the top of generic oncology drug sales in Thailand Pharmaceutical Market. At present, Alliance Pharma, an importer and a distributor of a medical drug at an accessible price, has 400-million-baht sales and still growing. Our distributed product consists of chemotherapeutic drug, psychiatric drug, drug for kidney disease and on-going registered drugs. Our company has picked out a high-quality drug from a manufacturer that has met international standard and user requirement specification in drug quality and delivery. Furthermore, our company is also a distributor of medical devices such as catheter, balloon and drug eluting stent which have a quality test from the European.


เภสัชกรสุวิทย์ ชูวิริยะกุล
ดร.โสภณ มะโนมะยา
Mr. S.S.Kumar
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